Buying Guide: Best Diaper Bag Models and Features

best diaper bagAs a new parent, it’s very easy to freak out over always being prepared for your newborn. I can honestly say that not all of those feelings are misplaced, as there will be many occasions where if you go under prepared, you will regret it in the long run. From diapers, to wipes, food, extra clothes(you’ll need a lot), and toys, you will literally be needing to carry around a bite sized amount of luggage no matter where you go. The solution to this problem, are diaper bags.

A diaper bag is just some kind of storage container, which has been modified to accommodate for the use of baby products. Some of these can be very simple, and you can probably make due with just about anything. However, some models are quite complex, and give you added benefits. Personally, I wouldn’t stress out too much over the diaper bag, as long as you get one, and it usually comes down to my own tastes in how cute they look. However, there are plenty of really good products on the market, and you may need to choose one which fit your lifestyle a little bit more than just an over sized purse. To help make this decision easier on you, here is my personal favorite list, as well as a thorough guide on the types of diaper bags, as well as the important features to look at. Enjoy.

Top 5 Models

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Diaper Dude Zipper Diva

The Diaper Dude Zipper is a messenger bag designed for men who don’t want to forsake their daddy duties, but also to keep some of their dignity intact as well. It comes slap full with compartments for storing all of your necessities, while also being extremely comfortable to wear. The price is a bit high, but the material used is pretty durable and the versatility make it one of the most popular male based products on the market.

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Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible

Ju-Ju is a very popular brand right now, and has been producing beautiful products which also seem to be a bit hip, pleasing younger parents. This Be.B.F.F convertible diaper bag is one of their more popular items, and is incredibly versatile. It can morph from a tote, into a backpack very easily, has a ton of compartments, and is built with comfortable, yet sturdy material.

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Planet Wise Wet/Dry Diaper Wallet

This particular product is what known as a diaper wallet, and is designed for short trips and excursions. While relatively small in space, it is made of durable, safe materials, so you can bring wipes or a bottle and spill it without having to worry about stains or long term odors.

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DadGear Backpack

Dadgear has really outdone itself here with the level of intricacy it has put into this product.This diaper backpack comes fully integrated for use in strollers, is extremely sturdy and durable, quick access, and has plenty of space. It also comes in at a very reasonable price tag under $100.

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Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag

The -Okkatot’s baby depot diaper backpack comes with just about everything you could possibly want in a baby bag. It’s huge, with room to fit plenty of clothes and diapers. It’s durable, with a ventilation system, and completely waterproof; and it has a built in wipe dispenser and changing station. The only thing we could ask is for the price to drop down a little bit.

Types and Styles

Likes previously mentioned, there are many different models and varieties of diaper bags, yet they all serve a similar function, it just depends upon your lifestyle.

Totes: By far the most popular style of bag, totes are usually very simple but can be quite complex as well. Most of the higher end versions come with additional pockets and organizers, and they can range in size from totes and messengertiny, to very large.

Sling: Slings are also a very common type of bag, and is designed to be light weight and modest. You aren’t going to store quite as much stuff in a sling as your typical tote, but for quick getaways they are perfect.

Backpack: One of the funniest things you will ever see is a parent with a baby carrier on the front, with a baby backpack dangling from behind. Basically and old standard backpack should serve you well, however there are specially designed diaper models with come with built in features like built in thermal bottle holders and cute designs.

Fashion Bag: Just because you’re a mommy, doesn’t mean you have to be boring and lose your fashion sense. Fashion bags are actually gaining increased popularity, as more women are leaving their homes earlier and joining the work force, a fashion styled model gives them the option to double up. Just make sure that you pick one with adequate space for baby supplies.

Messenger: For men who want to maintain a sense of dignity, messenger bags are a great alternative to purses and over the shoulder styles of diaper carriers.

 Features to Look For

Barebones, every good diaper bag needs to have enough space to store items, easy to manage, and comfortable to hold on to. However, there is still plenty of additional options which can augment whatever style you decide to go with, and can make your life a little easier.

Compartments: Rule of thumb, the more storage areas the better. The best diaper bags will have enough compartments to store most of your basic baby supplies, such as wipes, diapers, powder, and changing clothes. Additional compartments for cell phones and keys can help you consolidate everything into a single bag.

Space: This can come down to preference, once you have enough space to carry the essentials, but you may or may not want a ton of cargo space. Additional cargo space allows you to pack tons of items, and if you’re a first time parent you’ll want to be prepared for anything. However, the larger the back, the more bulky and uncomfortable they become.

all of your necessitiesUtility: A diaper bag which can fit onto a stroller can be a real life saver if you are out for an extended period of time. Having to push a stroller and hold a cumbersome tote can be quite a hassle.

Bottle Holder: An insulated bottle holder is one of the features which should probably be essential, because they are so easy to come by and you’ll need them to store your bottle’s milk at the right temperature.

Changing Pad: Not essential, because you can bring your own or use a blanket, an on board changing pad which comes with the diaper bag can help you manage everything easier. Regardless, make sure you have some kind of cloth for easy diaper changing.

Ease of Use: You don’t want to have to perform a retinal scan every time you reach to grab some baby food. Purchase models that have quick and easy access for times that you need to grab a wipe in a hurry.