Buying Guide: Best Baby Bouncer Models and Features

Best Baby BouncerOne of the more important things that your baby needs, is proper exercise so that they can grow and develop the muscles that are conducive for walking. Early on, this can be quite subtle. Simple facial expressions, rolls, and flexes is all your baby needs. However as they get older, they’ll begin wanting to walk, and an important step towards that which modern technology has given us, is a baby bouncer.

Baby bouncers aren’t just great exercise for your tike, they are a heck of a lot of fun for them as well. However, not all bouncers are right for your infant, and some of them I would just avoid all together. Here is a list of some of the best baby bouncers on the market. If these aren’t to your liking, I’ve prepared a guide to help you do a little shopping on your own time.

Features to Look for When Making Your Purchase

Maintenance: Look, we are dealing with infants here. They aren’t majestic, clean, orderly creatures, they create havoc and all kinds of mess. You are going to need to consider this when purchasing your jumper, because chances are you are going to cleaning it often. After dinner, all that bouncing is going to work up more than a few messes. A few checks, look to see if the seat cover can be removed and thrown in the washing machine, and that the rest of it can be wiped down easily.

Design: Lets be truthful here, why do we purchase all of this cute stuff with zebras and elephants? Is it for the baby? Heck no, they don’t know what a zebra is. We Relaxing in the Jumperdo it because we like the way it looks, and we think it’s cute, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Portability: A portable bouncer is a parents best friend. If you have to deconstruct it every time you want to take it on a trip, its going to be a massive pain in the neck, so purchase one that can be transported efficiently.

Safety: Every bouncer should come with a few, obvious safety features. The most important want is the harness, which keeps your little one strapped in, and should be easily adjustable. Extra amenities such as padding, and non-skid material at the base will ensure that there are no rashes or injuries when your tike goes crazy in it, as well. Finally, some models have a seat recline which will allow you to adjust the angle and ensure proper head control. While not a must for older kids, younger newborns can definitely benefit from sitting in a more upright position while their neck is weak.

Accessories: You definitely do not want to forget the add-ons. This can include a multitude of different features, from automatic bouncing, to vibration, to music. Basically, the more toys and gizmos the better, just make sure that they are safe and you can easily get your little one in out quickly and easily.

Weight: If you want to keep your bouncer functional and useful for a longer period of time, purchase one which can support heavier infants. While babies come in all shapes in sizes, they blow up like a balloon and will outgrow a low weight limit bouncer very quickly.